What is SibsService?

The SibsService is a, non profit making, charity (No.1104173) that specialises in supporting the brothers and sisters of individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome ( a diagnosis is not). We provide the siblings with a safe place where they have the freedom to be themselves and share experiences with other children in similar situations . We deliver many different activities, art, craft, cooking, sport, games, drama, trips out, and more. There is a whole family summer BBQ, Christmas party and Sibs Summer camp. Whenever possible we plan activities and discussions as requested by the siblings or parents either for fun or to support a particular difficulty they are experiencing.

  • Meet the team

    Meet the team

    Each session is run by a group leader and local volunteer …


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    Activities for those with a brother /sister with ASD or Aspergers …


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    Latest news

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Why the need for SibsService?

Sometimes it’s hard having a sibling with special needs and good to have people to talk to who have some idea what it’s like. It’s nice knowing that you’re not the only one who has a brother or sister who’s a bit different. It is widely recognized that siblings of someone with ASD can sometimes miss out on doing the things that other kids get to do because of the needs of their sibling. This is where the Siblings Support Groups come in.

A framework that works!


Siblings make friends and enjoy themselves

Relieve isolation

Siblings meet other siblings facing similar situations

Acknowledge feelings

Siblings discuss and value the unique feelings and experiences of being a sibling

Model coping strategies

Siblings learn how to manage difficult situations and identify support networks

Enhance Knowledge

Siblings learn more about their brother or sister’s disability